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It’s the end of the week and how I wish I could reach out, wrap my hands around that steaming hot cup of tea and curl up with a nice book.

Yes, as Ripley would say, believe it or not,  but after the fourth Christmas celebration this year, I feel that Christmas is already over!

It all started with the party at the Club last Friday. To say the children had a blast was putting it mildly. They had the best time of their little lives. Wow Dinga was thrilled because some of his school mates were around. The three of them spent hours jumping on the Bouncy castle and chasing each other all over the place. When he got tired of his friends, I could see him sitting on the tiny train ride, waiting for the next brain wave to hit him.

Ms. Papaya had her mother to look after her so I kept a watchful eye on Little Po who is so tiny that he can easily slip away.

That night while the kids slept, Santa was making his way to our house. We had left the gifts under the tree as decoration. But the kids would have nothing of it. They were excited with their gifts in their stockings, yet tore open their gifts wrapped so carefully the night before.

Christmas gifting continued with overseas uncles and aunts bringing more biscuits, chocolates and toys. This was followed by a family lunch where all the children were given the run of the TV room so that they were kept out of harm’s way. It also served to keep them out of our hair.

Yesterday evening was the Christmas Concert at the little ones’ nursery school and Little Po was one of the three kings. Ms. Papaya was upset that there Queens did not visit the infant Jesus.  Luckily, she had a leading role in a group dance and was thrilled to be a Rajput Princess.

Daughter No. 1 got the kids together to assemble the Gingerbread house to grace our Christmas Breakfast table. Alas! The kids were so excited with the result that they ate up one half of the roof already!

And this morning, just before schools closed for the holidays, the children had one more celebration where Santa drove in atop a white Mercedes SUV! This was followed by a wonderful juggling show and some song and dance routines by the parents.

So with yet another Christmas celebration over, the pudding is already eaten and half the bonbons over, I’m already exhausted!

It is no wonder that I need that strong cup of tea.

Do you find yourself exhausted as this year is winding down? Do you feel you’ve had one too many Christmas parties?

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