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Ever since Corinne put up her post for the WORD OF THE YEAR, I’ve been thinking of a word to set the tone.

Is choosing the word of the year prescience? A subliminal message of the shape of things to come?

In 2016, my word of the year was BE ME. I found that this was the year that made me find out many things about myself that I had forgotten. Travelling to the US with Daughter No.1 and Ms. Papaya, experiencing the Fall in New Jersey and hanging out with a school friend after many years, gave me a chance to find out myself and be me.

PATIENCE was my word for 2017 and there were endless times when I would have normally lost my shirt. I was quite surprised when I found myself actually waiting without grumbling.

Similarly, CALM was my WOTY in 2018 and this year I experienced  several situations that required me to remain calm. And it was only this attitude that helped me navigate the challenges that this year brought me.

So, I realised that choosing a word for the year is of great importance. In today’s paper, the Word of the Year is NOMOPHOBIA which is the fear of no mobile. This is NOT my word of the year. In fact, I was wondering about my word of the year when suddenly it came to me as I sat down to write this first post of the year REFRESH.

Every year brings new challenges. There are new lessons to be learned and new opportunities to learn them. There are new people who come into our lives and some who leave them. Transitioning relationships and situations require a lot of skill.

In the earlier half of 2018, my father-in-law passed away. As we cleared up after him, I was astounded with the way he kept things in order. I wonder if he had a premonition that made him hire Godse to be his right-hand man to organise things in his life. We discovered that he had kept everything in immaculate order. All his paperwork was done and life completely de-cluttered.

Taking a cue from this, I want to make 2019 the year where everything in my life is in perfect order. I want to make my body fit, my blog fit and my life fit. I want to tidy up all the loose ends, clear up the clutter and streamline everything.So for a while I though I should make Fitness my WOTY.

But fitness only applies to my physical body. It is a bit of a stretch to apply it to all the aspects of my life that need to be tidied up. So I thought REFRESH would be a more appropriate word of the year.

Hence my word of the year is REFRESH.

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  1. Word of the year helps in setting a direction. Except for last year, WOTY helped me since 2015. 🙂 I loved your word, Sunita. May you experience every aspect of your life in a refreshing order and light, just the way you like it. 🙂
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