World Introvert Day !

Whatever will they celebrate next! I didn’t even know such a day existed ( like many things I realise I don’t know) till I read Corinne’s post on celebrating World Introvert Day.

Is being an introvert something to celebrate?

As a little girl I was shy and preferred to have my nose in a book rather than in someone’s affairs . My mom who always wanted to be in the thick of things couldn’t understand me. How often she compared me to my brother who was a laid back fellow – happy and outgoing.

But now, over the years, I’ve become less of an introvert. I like meeting new people and don’t dread social events the way I used to.

Are people really Introverted ? Or are they socially awkward ?

Are you introverted ? What do you feel about World Introvert Day?


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8 Responses

  1. Varun says:

    I used to be extremely reserved as well and have opened up a bit over the years, however I would still definitely consider myself an introvert. This is something that I was extremely conscious of in my teens and early 20s but have learnt to not bother too much about what people think of me which has helped me break out of my shell a bit.

    I personally think labeling people as introverts or extroverts just adds to the pressure and definitely made me overthink it when I was younger.

    • Bellybytes says:

      I completely agree with you Varun. People who are slotted into categories become more aware of their ‘category’. Most people outgrow their shyness – it is just a question of getting more confident as you grow older and more sure of your self.

  2. Good to know about you as a little girl and how you are changing. I was not an introvert as child and then as an adult, however, of late, I am started realising the importance of being surrounded by only like minded people. I have started talking less and prying less in others’ affairs. Though I am a long away from being an introvert. Sometimes I feel it’s good to be an introvert and not have the need to talk all the time. You can think much and create more.

    • Bellybytes says:

      Yes of course – the less you talk the more you see and the more you see the more you know….. so it definitely helps to be an observer rather than a compulsive talker….. But talking less doesn’t make you an introvert….. does it?

  3. G Angela says:

    I have never heard of this day too:) and yes I used to be an introvert and over a period of time have moved to making friends, socializing and now enjoy meeting people, interacting and learning from them.

  4. Shalzmojo says:

    I would say introvertness comes from a feeling of social awkwardness! I used to feel very shy (still do) in a new group of peopl and would always hang back. My mom’s voice in my head was responsible for it. She always compared others kids and praised them while it made me feel that she is telling me I lack it all! So it made me awkward and under confident all the time.

    I am a rebel child post 25 years of age and since then been living it up on my own terms. Going out , meeting people and having fun is one of the thing I do best 🙂
    Shalzmojo recently posted…Setting the TBR for the 2019 book reading challengesMy Profile

    • Bellybytes says:

      yes mom’s do have this nasty habit of comparing children little realising what lasting damage they are doing to young psyches. Good for you that you managed to break free and find your true self!

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