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You know a Mumbai Winter

Many years ago, on a warm summer’s day in Warsaw, the chambermaid of the hotel we were staying in was horrified when she saw me zipping up my baby pink windcheater.

Not only was this NOT the height of chic, but I was also the only one so ‘fashionably’ dressed.  All those around me, including the chambermaid, was stripped down to their tank tops and shorts!

The chambermaid couldn’t contain herself and asked me where I came from.

When I told her that a hot summer day ( 25 ° C  that day) in Warsaw was probably the coldest day in Mumbai, she rolled her eyes in disbelief.

I realised then, that we in Mumbai are truly blessed when it comes to cold weather. It’s not really cold to those who’ve experienced cold, but it’s cold enough for you to want to stand in the sun

You know it’s winter in Mumbai when

  • It’s pitch dark outside when you get up at  6.00 a.m.
  • You have an evening walk at 4 because it gets dark by 6.
  • The smog outside dims the lights of the Queen’s Necklace.
  • Hordes of Tibetan sweater sellers take up half the pavement in Nana’s Chowk.
  • The grannies in the building bundle up in assorted shawls.
  • Traffic light vendors shove boxes of strawberries under your nose by while you wait for the light to turn green.
  • The carrots get redder and peas soft and sweet.
  • You put away the remote for the AC and pull out those blankets kept mothballed away
  • You prefer wearing silks and long sleeved T’s.
  • When friends and family are busy with their friends and family who’ve descended on them from colder climes
  • When songs by Jim Reeves  play on radio waves
  • When cotton wool snow and tinsel and red make up decorations in shops and hotels

A different kind of Winter

A different Mumbai Winter

But this Winter, Mumbai has been different. Indeed, it has been quite cold in most parts of India.

  • For one, winter has extended its stay. Normally by mid-February we have put away our blankets and woollies.
  • The temperatures are colder than normal. This year the temperatures have even dipped to 22° C as they did last night.
  • The Tibetan Sweater sellers have disappeared this year. More people are wearing stylish winter wear and Mumbaikars are actually adopting more stylish Winter wear.
  • The grannies in our building have stopped coming to the garden. They prefer chilling in their warm homes instead.  And if they  dare come down, they look like Little Red Riding Hoods, all wrapped up in red scarves and shawls to match
  • I haven’t opened up my windows for almost two months now.
  • I’m still using my razai in February.

There’s a nip in the air these past few days and most of us are nursing sore throats and wiping noses that drip. But even though I’m harboring cold germs that threaten to sneeze, I enjoy watching the sunset with a cup of hot tea and a stiff ocean breeze.

Before the winter really leaves us, I should use this opportunity to use up all the exotic green teas that Hubby Dear got back from China.

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A granny who always sees the humour in life and tries to do things differently. When others make cupcakes, this granny makes banana fritters. When she’s not busy chasing her grandchildren who love making her run around, she indulges in her passions of reading, writing, meeting friends and watching movies. And somewhere between all this she enjoys travelling and cooking!

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35 Responses

  1. Loved this post!! I really enjoyed the cold Mumbai had two days before!! well, you know it’s cold in Mumbai when people start wearing their sweaters !!! #superbloggerchallenge

  2. arv says:

    I somehow feel that being able to experience all kinds of weather is more interesting than a single one (all year round). It is a personal opinion based after living almost all major metros for a long time. I still enjoy winters the most.

    • Bellybytes says:

      Ahhh. I like to experience different seasons too…. it would be boring to have the same weather all year round. But winter when you are not prepared for it can be quite a pain. I like my Mumbai cold though – slightly nippy but not really shawl-worthy

  3. Siddhi says:

    Yes! The weather change was unexpected! Nice post.
    Siddhi recently posted…Acidity Home RemedyMy Profile

  4. I enjoyed reading this post. Winter extended it’s stay this year. Observing people around us adapting to seasons is rarely done in our rushed lives. This was refreshing.

  5. Oh, I so agree!!!
    My cousins who had come down from Gwalior once, many years ago, were grumbling about the “heat wave” in Mumbai. And, I was like, “WHAT??? HEAT WAVE?? THIS IS THE COLDEST WINTER WE HAVE EXPERIENCED!”
    This year, it’s something like that. And I am loving every bit of it. How I wish this was the kind of climate here all year round. How wonderful it would be! My only grouse is my skin gets terribly dry in spite of all the lotion I keep slathering on all day! 🙁

  6. Mumbai generally doesn’t have a winter feel, but this year the weather was delectable. For the first felt the temperature going low. #superbloggerchallenge

  7. Novemberschild says:

    Never experienced winter in Mumbai but may be this year I look forward for it.

  8. Anurag Singh says:

    Mumbai city of dreams

    I also want to experience these mumbiya winters.

  9. anupriya says:

    Oh we in Kolkata aren’t much different. We here have been wondering if the winters got extended this year. Its Feb already and the fans are still hibernating.

  10. Keerthana says:

    I haven’t been to Mumbai anytime. You have just made to set expectations for the weather in Mumbai to plan my visit!! Very well written!! #superbloggerchallenge
    Keerthana recently posted…5 Positive Parenting MantrasMy Profile

  11. Modern Gypsy says:

    Ah! Mumbai winters – it’s the best season in the city, I think! I’m loving the extended winter this year, even though Delhi feels freezing cold!
    Modern Gypsy recently posted…Art journal tutorial: intuitive painting demo from start-to-finishMy Profile

  12. Winter is my favourite season because I can experiment with my wardrobe. Loved this post.

  13. Winter is my favourite season because I can experiment with my wardrobe. Loved this post totally. Mumbai is one of my favourite cities. Will surely visit soon.

  14. Enjoyed reading about Mumbai weather. Btw Chennai was colder than normal too, this year.

  15. Actually, you know your description of this year’s winter in Mumbai brings the threat of Global warming to my mind. I have visited Mumbai only once a long time back. Great post.

  16. Mann says:

    Coming from a hill station, I can understand what you mean. This time winter is really something. Feels like Satyug is back ??.

  17. Pri says:

    Loved reading your astute observations about the winter in Mumbai.

    Cheers to the city of vada-paav and dreams! 😉

  18. Hahaha! This was a fun read! 🙂

  19. Shilpa Garg says:

    Aha! This post reminded me of our stay in Mumbai. Our building guards used to light a small fire and sit around it. 😀
    You must visit us in Jaipur, where we are still using thick quilts and blankets with jackets and scarves and I use a hot water bottle in bed. 😀

  20. I recall standing lined up in the school assembly at 4 degree Celsius and shivering while singing the prayers. In my mind, if Mumbai gets colder then definitely it is the coldest of all winters for North India. Even then I cannot imagine Mumbaikars wearing sweaters and draping shawls for some strange reasons. For me this year, it was a real cold winter more so after living in Bangalore for 3 winters. One day while I walked Dhruv home from school at -6 degree Celsius at 3pm, we were all frozen by the time we reached home. At home, as soon as we switched on the TV, news of polar vortex hitting the US started with Chicago temperatures showing as -41 degree C. At that moment, both of looked at each other and said we are good, surely very good.
    Anamika Agnihotri recently posted…Toto by Ximo Abadia #PictureBookReview 26My Profile

    • Bellybytes says:

      Feeling cold as you know is relative . In Mumbai we feel cold if the breeze blows 🙂 We Mumbaikars are spoilt and this year was cold all over India. Apparently in Drass it was colder than Siberia !!!!!!! We were so happy we weren’t in Drass. But you are right about the cold becoming colder year by year . Who knows one day we may wear fur coats in Mumbai 😉

  21. Neha Sharma says:

    How lucky you guys are, you get to experience the best of different seasons. I really wish to visit Mumbai once during winters 😀 Loved reading this post on a different kind of winter.
    Neha Sharma recently posted…A Fun DIY Activity with PediaSure – Unboxing Growth & LearningMy Profile

    • Bellybytes says:

      Thanks Neha. We don’t really see much variation in our climate – it is normally hot and humid, or wet and humid and occasionally cold. Glad you enjoyed this post.

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