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What’s your poison?

Coffee, tea or Me?

Way back in the ’60s this was the favourite question my parent’s friends would ask one another when invited home for a cup of tea.


This was a sly allusion to the racy book of the same name, purportedly written by two air hostesses.

I didn’t read this book myself but remember people asking one another if they’d like coffee, tea or……. followed by a wink and a snigger before choosing tea or coffee.

Plus ça change, plus ça ne change pas!

Lots has changed since that book was published. For one, air hostesses are now flight attendants. Supposedly this bland job title prevents any unsavoury and inappropriate overtures made to them.

But on the other hand, some things haven’t changed. I’ve heard for instance, that all working women have experienced some kind of harassment some time at least once in their working lives.

However, lots of things HAVE changed.

Coffee and tea, for a start,  have changed too!

They are no longer just plain old coffee and tea.  You can now get coffee from India, Africa or South America. Tea comes from Sri Lanka and India as well as China. They are sourced from a single estate or multi-sourced.  And it can be decaffeinated too.

You can brew it for hours and sweeten it with sugar.

Or you can dip a tea bag and let it steep for a bit.

You can have it black or you can have it white.

You can have it fermented ( Pu’er ) or have it just green.

You can flavour it with vanilla, lemon or tulsi

Or carry it with you in an instacuppa thingamajig.

But one thing’s for sure: it’ s the cup that always refreshes –  coffee or tea!

coffee or tea

So for any time tea or anytime coffee, get yourself an Instacuppa FrenchPress Travel Mug that’s perfect for both black coffee and tea!

Now that I’ve identified my perfect coffee, I’m going to get myself my instacuppa travel mug and French Press so that I can have the same cup of coffee anywhere I go!




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6 Responses

  1. Shilpa Gupte says:

    Hey….I did something similar for flavoursometuesdays, ages ago! 😀
    Tea is not my poison. It used to be coffee sometime back, but I quit coffee (except for a mug or two during my PMS). So, given a choice, I would still prefer coffee. Never tea! 😛
    Shilpa Gupte recently posted…Chemical-free hair colour.My Profile

  2. Sunita, you talk about the 60s, even in 80s my mother would ask the same question, though people in her circle seldom replied ‘coffee’. We still kept some instant nescafe for those few errant ones. Then it became chai or thanda (meaning coke, pepsi, limca)! Thanda became more common as it was easier and convenient to just open a bottle and pour the contents in a glass.

    Anyway, I never got addicted to tea as I saw old people complaining of headaches whenever they didn’t get their morning cuppa. So I avoided it like the plague. However, since last year, I have started drinking black coffee at noon, thanks to my hubby, and now on days when I don’t drink it, I feel I am missing something, though I don’t get headaches. 😉 So, yes coffee it is!

    • Bellybytes says:

      Well whatever makes you happy. I do tea in the afternoon and coffee in the morning. As for thanda – in some places they ask you kala ( coke) peela ( orange) laal ( raspberry)…..
      And water is another thing – thanda, garam, regular, sparkling, bottled! Makes you wonder what happened to plain old water.

  3. Alana says:

    I grew up (in New York City) on tea (tea in teabags, Lipton black tea to be exact) both hot and iced, and iced coffee. The same parents who would not let their child drink coffee (few parents would, in those days) had no problem with me drinking iced coffee. So, as an adult, I drink one cup of coffee a day (sometimes two), no sugar, one small addition of half and half (don’t know what the Indian equivalent of that is). I’d love that travel French Press but I will probably lose your respect by admitting that I use Keurig brewers (K-Cups); they are just way too convenient. But not as good as coffee brewed in other ways.

    • Bellybytes says:

      Hey Alana whatever you do is best for you ! So don’t apologise. I like instant coffee too (Nescafé) and would look out for that whenever I visited the US too! In fact even though I like a good brew of either tea or coffee, I have a daily fix of Nescafé – with lots of sugar and whole milk …. I don’t know if we get half and half in India but I suspect it would be milk with a higher percentage of fat. In any case the ordinary /regular milk in India has 8 % fat ( cow milk) and 11% fat (Buffalo milk which most of us use).

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