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Love beyond Valentine’s Day

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. It is one of those days when red roses are pricey and chocolate sales are high. It is the day of love.

But how many of us know that it was originally a feast day of St. Valentine, one of the early Christian saints before it morphed into today’s Valentine’s Day?

This tradition is attributed to St.Valentine, a monk who secretly arranged the weddings of soldiers who were forbidden to marry. In yet another story, St. Valentine, who after restoring the vision of his judge’s blind daughter, was sentenced to death. He signed his farewell letter to her as “Your Valentine”. Thus began the custom of declaring a secret love without fear of scorn or outright rejection.

Since then, this feast has transcended borders and cultures to become a universally accepted day of love. You can ask anyone to be your Valentine. It is also a day when you can show your love to a larger cause.

Like learning for instance.

The sun may have set on Valentine’s Day but surely the sun has not set on love?

Damyanti who blogs at Daily (w)rite  has urged several of her blogger friends to show some love to a cause dear to her heart.

Learning is also dear to my heart. I love learning and every day brings with it a new learning. I also love teaching my little Wow Dinga, Ms. Papaya and Little Po who also love teaching me in turn!

This lifelong process of learning and teaching is extremely rewarding and enriching to both the teacher and the taught. 

We, who are lucky enough to go to school don’t realise how blessed we really are. I remember my schools and teachers with great affection. And even though some of them struck terror in my heart with their tantrums and foul tempers, I wouldn’t exchange them for all the tea in China.

But there are some who aren’t so fortunate. Those marginalised, underprivileged children for whom learning is a far off dream. 

Learning and helping the underprivileged learn is the only way to progress. Progress beyond poverty and beyond prejudice. Breaking down the barriers of poverty and prejudice is the way to spread love among humanity. Click To Tweet

It is, therefore, important that if we can’t teach, we should help those who can.

Like the teachers at the Project Why Okhla Centre 

And Keep the dream alive :

Sophiya and Pushpa,  two teachers at Project Why who helped set up a school in a dump-yard, boldly facing the wrath of local goons and politicians.

Mithu, who lost his leg to Polio and teaches computers to children in his community.

Naresh, the passionate teacher who didn’t give up on the students others had turned their backs on.

If these teachers do not receive funds they will have to work without salaries in the coming months. Or possibly abandon this dream. Let us help keep their dream alive and support fundraiser for these teachers.

Let us also show St. Valentine how HUGE his feast has become! 




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