Mumbai’s skies this week

This week I saw a beautiful moon – big and white , a full moon that lit up the night sky. The craters of the moon were showing up too and for a minute I wondered if the earth looked like that when seen from the moon ?

And after many a day, I got a cloud splattered sunrise crating the most fascinating patterns of sunlight in the morning sky.

I managed to catch a glimpse of the setting moon as it played hide and seek behind the fluffs of cloud .

And finally I got a capture of the iconic domes of Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Hotel curtained behind the branches of an old Almond tree, through the curtained window of a Colaba flat.

And with the end of the week, the winds are blowing warm again as winter fades from our memory.

Sharing these pictures with other bloggers from around the world on #SkywatchFriday.

Happy weekend all !


Image of Bellybytes

Author: Unishta

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