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What to do when you are battling the flu #MondayMusings

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Battling the ‘flu

January has been a cold month even for us lucky folks in Mumbai. The cold weather which alternates with hot, however, is great for ‘flu germs that are just waiting to attack. The first week it was sniffles for me. Then it was a stomach ‘flu for Wow Dinga and Little Po. And in the last week of January, the germs got hold of me again.

For a while, I thought I’d battled it successfully as I still managed to have a busy and social January.

But I was wrong.

After a hectic weekend, I woke up to the realisation that the ugly flu bug that I’d suppressed last week, reared its head once more. Yes, despite all the doses of Cheston, all the hot toddies, the flu came back with renewed vigour.

I woke up this morning with a heavy head, an itchy throat and a general feeling of malaise.

Preparing myself for a boring afternoon of enforced rest, I began reading my backlog of blogs and came upon this delightful post ” I Write Like Me  ….or Do I? ” by Holly Jehangir who always comes up with a Different Perspective.  

Write Like a Man

In her post, Holly  analysed her writing styles by feeding in various bits of text to I write Like and got fascinating results. This site compares your writing style with that of the greats.

So I decided to try out the tests myself.

When I fed in Unpacking January , The Union Budget and the Banana Graph, and an earlier post of a decade ago Shopping in the time of chaos, the result was hardly flattering:

All these analyses revealed that I wrote like

Dear Liar, written at a time of great emotional upheaval in my life revealed that I wrote like :
Leo Tolstoy

Oh no! Leo Tolstoy was a boring old fart ( according to me). How on earth could I sound like a man ?

So I tried one last time and filled in a poem Rush Hour Morning and another post Finally a New Look Blog my writing was comparable to
Cory Doctorow

Flattering though the comparisons may be, I was shattered!

OMG ! Did I really write like a man?

This was disheartening to say the least.

So I decided to analyze my Twitter feed through Personality Insights and this is the report.

Image for Twitter Personality analysis

Image for Twitter personality analysis

Image for sunburst visualisation


While the Sunburst visualisation made a pretty picture, the outcome was not.  It was yet more proof that the Internet considered my writing very masculine.

The nail on the coffin was, however, the following result from Hacker Factor Gender Guesser

Image for Gender Guesser


Alas ! That possibly explained why my distinctly gender biased grandsons accept me as one of them…..and allow me to drink and drive ( not in that order of course ) because according to them these activities are only for BOYS.

It also explains why I am not getting my target audience of older, mature women. Perhaps I should now change my style to something more flowery, more feminine and softer.

The upside to all this is that this,however, is that I learnt to use the snipping tool and take screenshots on a PC! Look out for a post on this soon.

Also, it was a great way to drive away the boredom while the ‘flu germs were at work.

Linking this up with Corinne’s #MondayMusings

Image for Mondaymusings

P.s Do try out these tests. They are a lot of fun if not very accurate or favourable.

And Holly , thanks a ton for the idea….


Image of Bellybytes

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