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Spring has Sprung

While many parts of the Northern Hemisphere are still feeling the cold, in my part of the world, Spring has definitely sprung.

The Chinese Consulate in Mumbai invited Hubby Dear and me to celebrate the advent of Spring and the Chinese New Year.

And what a celebration it was !

After the cocktail hour, we were entertained with a spectacular performance by both Chinese and Indian dancers .

From the Chinese side, four giant lions danced and pranced to a strong drum beat. While the animals were distinctly humans in lion costume, the movements and facial expressions had me believing that there were indeed four lions on the stage. They looked so fierce and menacing yet playful and teasing in parts with their big eyes and wide open jaws .

The Indian side matched dance for dance by a local troupe that got it just right with the graceful movements of Kathak.

But the piece de resistance was undoubtedly the energetic dragon dance. Performed by a world class troupe that had just flown that had just flown in from Washington DC the night before, it mesmerised the audience with its energy and fierceness.


The world over people celebrate Spring in different ways. Next week we in India will celebrate Holi to welcome Spring.

How do you plan on celebrating the season ?


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