Month: April 2019


Morning glory #SkywatchFriday

Summer is here and the sun shines so bright that it is impossible to take an image. However, yesterday I managed a lovely sunrise shot with a slightly cloudy sky. I thought it would rain or drizzle as there have been some hailstorms in Pune a few weeks ago. But alas, the sun ? shines …


Earth Day?

Where did Earth Day go this year? Earth day this year, for me, was over shadowed by the Easter Massacres in Sri Lanka and the National Elections in India. However, I’ll never forget that first disastrous Earth Day celebration over 20 years ago when I took my little girls walking up to Hanging Gardens to learn …


23 April is World Book Day

Reading is as important as breathing or eating. Celebrate 23 April as World Book Day

Creative Writing

Summer Nightfall

Summer’s here when  night falls slowly O’er a long extended dusk. As the sun begins its journey, Westward down into the sea. Birds begin their homeward journey Squawking crows’ shrill cacophony Children gather balls and playthings Wrapping up their busy day. Cars rush by through orange signals Homeward to their families The air is still And hot and …

LIFESTYLE, Mumbai Diary

Tales of the Urban Indian Farmer : Busting Myths

Image of Urban Farmer

Tired and jaded by the modern world, many urban Indians are thinking about farming. Hoping to have a more sustainable lifestyle, they are returning to their roots. Or rather, they are returning to the land. But farming is not easy and the rosy dreams of becoming a self-sufficient happy person can soon remain castles in …


There’s no summer like a Mango Summer

Our brief spring is over and summer has begun in earnest. The afternoons are hot and sticky and I enjoy my pleasant evening walk by Marine Drive with the cool breeze blowing in from the Arabian Sea. Despite the heat, Mumbai is the best place in the world to be in summer because the roads …