April’s Fool – Reality is mere Perception

April’s Fool – Reality is mere Perception

This Western tradition of playing pranks and jokes on unsuspecting people on the 1st of April is known as April Fool’s Day.

Sometimes the jokes are really funny while at times they can go really wrong. But this is one day where you can pull someone’s leg without fear of recrimination.

However, I find that it isn’t only in the month of April that we get fooled. Often times, the reality is quite different and we are fooled more often than not by what we perceive.

Reality is mere Perception

After 60 years I’ve learnt a lesson:
What you see isn’t
What you get
Reality is plain perception.
And you’re the master of deception.
A house
A tree
A smile
A tear
None of this is reality
To me
You just depict
Your very own
Perception of veracity.
Like floating clouds
Your ideas change
And images that you portray.
Your words
Your actions
And your thoughts
Mere moments
In the games, you play.
Your life is
What you want to hear
Your truth a mere reflection.
Duplicity and treachery
Disloyalty, dishonesty
With these, you spin a tale
A yarn
To craft your own reality
p.s. These images are taken off the net.

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