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Across the road from where I live, are two flowering purple trees. According to me they are the Jacaranda- a tree that is native to South America .

It is also native to India because it has a name in Sanskrit too – one that sounds remarkably like the English name .

But last week, When Shalz posted up pictures of the Tabebuia Rosea or Pink Trumpet Tree , I began wondering if my Jacaranda was really a Jacaranda.

Could it be a Crepe Myrtle? Or could it just be another variety of Tabebuia?

This set me in quite a tizz and I tried to get up close and photograph the blossoms .

They didn’t seem trumpet like to me and it was far too early to identify the seeds .

Now I know why our parks of old had the names of trees and plants marked on them . What seemed like a fuddy-duddy idea then seems extremely practical to me .

So if any of you can help, I’d be glad to know what is this purple tree .

Happy Mother’s Day all mums and have a great Sunday!

Sharing this post with Parul and other tree lovers on #ThursdayTreeLove-63.

Hope the trees are blossoming in your part of the world


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    1. So would this be a crape myrtle ? I’m so glad you could identify this tree. Thanks ?. And yes I had a happy Mother’s Day 🙂

    1. Yes Archana is indeed the expert and I’m glad we have a botanist in our midst. What a lovely name for this tree – Pride of India

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