The Cannon Ball Tree #ThursdayTreeLove

With Little Po and Ms Papaya on holiday, I decided to take them for a Nature walk to Hanging Gardens.

I doubt they were really interested but nonetheless I pointed out interesting trees and flowers and asked them to repeat the names.

They were more excited to collect the twigs and leaves but when they saw this odd looking tree trunk festooned with flowers and ‘melons’ as Little Po called the hanging fruit, they were thrilled!

It does look lovely doesn’t it ?

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  1. Wow! it’s been ages since I have been to Hanging Gardens!
    I remember visiting the place as a kid and getting lost. My family, my cousins who had all come down to Mumbai for the vacations…all of them were nowhere in sight. I cried out their names, called out to mum, ran here and there, and finally asked a bhel wala if he had seen a woman in pink saree (my mum). The kind guy handed me a packet of roasted peanuts and advised me to sit down on a bench and not worry, as my parents will be there soon. How true he was, for the next moment I spotted my mum. I ran to her and hugged her so tight! The scene is still so clear, even after all these years!
    Wow, Sunita…your picture brought back some old memories!
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  2. I immediately had to read up on this tree and found there is a botanical garden in Miami that has one. Also that this is a member of the Brazil Nut family and the “cannonball”, when it drops to the ground, releases a terrible odor. Fascinating and thank you for letting me know about this tree.

    1. Oh ! That’s quite a stink it creates then 😉 why would people plant such a tree in a public garden I wonder . I’ve never really noticed the bad odour but will look out for it . Thanks for letting me know about this .

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