Month: June 2019


Flowering Canonballs #ThursdayTreeLove

Image for Thursday Tree Love

This post is a day late but ever since I spotted this flowering Canonball tree, I have been dying to share it . I first spotted this tree several years ago while walking down the shaded lanes of Gamdevi. At that time I thought it was a tree with some parasitical growth. Then I spotted …


Six months on #ZombieBlogHop

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Six months into 2019 and I am one year older and much, much wiser. Uncannily my #WOTY Refresh has magically taken over my life. I seem to be doing nothing yet doing something – much like treading water in a swimming pool. Perhaps it is the process of refreshing myself, my blog and my life. …


Jackfruit Beauties #ThursdayTreeLove

Earlier this week, I managed to shake off the lethargy that had gripped me these past few months . I actually managed to haul myself out of bed get into my walking shoes. I braced myself to walk around the compound in semi darkness. But, being a reluctant walker, I was looking for an excuse …


Sunshine Blogger Award

  I’m not really into blog awards because like chain letters, it becomes difficult to keep the chain going. Besides, it is hard to find bloggers in my cohort who are not  already tagged. So normally, I would have just left this tag unanswered.  However, here’s hoping I can do this. So I’d like to …


Little genius’ deal with sanitation

This morning I woke up to Damyanti’s story of Afroz Shah who is cleaning up Mithi River. While growing up we never knew Mumbai had a river called Mithi. We used to think it was a nullah leading to the sea at Mahim. Obviously many people thought it was a nullah, particularly the squatters who …