Jackfruit Beauties #ThursdayTreeLove

Earlier this week, I managed to shake off the lethargy that had gripped me these past few months . I actually managed to haul myself out of bed get into my walking shoes. I braced myself to walk around the compound in semi darkness. But, being a reluctant walker, I was looking for an excuse to stop when I suddenly spied some huge shapes moving ever so slightly in the shadows.

On closer inspection I found these pendulous objects to be none other than jackfruit! I didn’t even know that this tree grew in our compound ! 

I love the jackfruit – a huge ugly monstrous looking fruit that I can eat in any form . When it is eaten raw, I make it into a salad or regular vegetable. When it is ripe I enjoy the sweet kernels . Even when it is over ripe , I enjoy the chewy goodness that is captured in flat sun dried rolls .

I’m just hoping the gardener shares some of this fruit with us residents .

Sharing this picture with other tree lovers on Parul’s #ThursdayTreeLove-65.

Do you love jackfruit ? While many people find its smell offensive I don’t .


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Author: Unishta

A granny who always sees the humour in life and tries to do things differently. When others make cupcakes, this granny makes banana fritters. When she’s not busy chasing her grandchildren who love making her run around, she indulges in her passions of reading, writing, meeting friends and watching movies. And somewhere between all this she enjoys travelling and cooking!


  1. I love them too! My first encounter with them dates back to my childhood, at my granny’s ‘vaadi’ in Konkan when one summer I noticed them hanging precariously from trunk and the air was filled with their sweet aroma. Nature’s wonder I must say.

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