Little genius’ deal with sanitation

This morning I woke up to Damyanti’s story of Afroz Shah who is cleaning up Mithi River. While growing up we never knew Mumbai had a river called Mithi. We used to think it was a nullah leading to the sea at Mahim. Obviously many people thought it was a nullah, particularly the squatters who lived alongside and used it as a public drain.

This had catastrophic effects on the city and on very wet days contributed to the floods.

Kudos to Afroz and his ilk who are Urban Waste Warriors.

But there are others too who are bothered about waste disposable and sanitation.

This little clip will make you smile at the ingenuity of five teenage boys from Tamil Nadu.

Now isn’t that a wonderful idea?

Read the entire story here 

Simple and effective.

Have a great June.


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