Dizzy Heights #WordlessWednesday

With skyscrapers being more the norm than the exception, many workers have to scale dizzy heights to keep exteriors clean.

My heart was in my mouth as I saw these two men cleaning the wall of a building across from mine.

And, suffering from Acrophobia myself, I was scared . After all, the drop was sheer ( at least a 100 feet down) and the outcome would have been far from pretty.

Though there was an acrylic barrier the men were working without harness. And we all know that ladders can slip especially on a wet floor.

Luckily nothing untoward happened and the men finished their job.

Are you acrophobic?

Sharing this with Esha , The Sky Girl, on #WordlessWednesday.

Hope you have a good week ahead.


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  1. I’m an acrophobic battling vertigo! Just looking at this image makes my head spin out of control and scare the sh!t outa me!

    Having said that, my heart goes out to people who are expected to work like this without any protective gear or insurance. None of them get any insurance I believe. That’s really sad. Working in the IT jungle, I see people suspended from ropes from 15-16 floors just to clean the windows. A rope, a seat and a bucket. That’s all they have!
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    1. Oh dear that’s terrible . I too hate going into swimming pools and can understand your fear of stepping into rivers . Honestly! The things people are forced to do ….

    1. Yes – it’s surprising how people get away with such employment terms . And I’m sure the compensation given in case of accidents is a pittance …. I remember an incident that occurred during the construction of this building : three workers fell to their death but one of them landed in our building so the contractors didn’t want to pay his family any compensation saying that he fell away from the construction site !!!!! I don’t know if they eventually had to pay but to think that they could even contemplate it is horrifying !

  2. Health and Safety issues are never taken seriously in the workplace in our country especially for contract workers and labourers/temporary workers who earn peanuts and often pay with their lives instead! I am an acrophobic like you, Sunita and my heart always skips a beat whenever I see workers in construction sites sitting precariously on ledges! I just let out a prayer every time I see someone like that, without a harness. You were brave to take that shot, Sunita! Thank you for joining us for #ww this week.

  3. I am slightly acrophobic, for even from the 11th floor I get a weird feeling in my stomach. I wonder how these workers do it, putting their lives at risk like that!

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