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The monsoon always makes for beautiful skies when shaded clouds play with the sun. This week we’ve had a lull in the monsoon. The sunsets have been pretty brilliant but unfortunately I’ve been unable to capture any. Today I managed a sunrise in the late morning sky.

After two very wet weeks, we’ve got a dry spell. While my clothes are happy, the city is not. The lakes that supply us water are only half full.

Let’s hope the dry spell dries up and it rains once again.

Like all Mumbaikars, I track the monsoon’s progress because really heavy rains can throw things out of whack. 

Apart from the regular updates from the Indian Meteorological Department, I also rely on the Indian Almanac.

According to this system, rainfall depends on the vehicle that the sun uses to enter a particular constellation.

Currently, the Sun’s entry into the Punarvasu nakshatra will be on a ram or goat. And goats aren’t too fond of water. Hence the rainfall at this time is scanty. Unfortunately, this dry spell will probably continue until the end of this month as the sun enters the Pushya nakshatra on a donkey – another animal who doesn’t like water too much.

However, I’m not too confident about this rainfall prediction because the almanac applies to the whole Universe. And while in this week and the last,  we experienced a lull in the monsoon, our compatriots in Assam were literally washed away in the floods!

How are the skies in your part of the world?

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Happy weekend all!


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  1. We are having a heat wave and today we are under a severe heat advisory. Given what our expected high is supposed to be, citizens of Mumbai, I suspect, would get a good chuckle.

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