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After complaining about the heat for the better part of June and almost half of July, the rains came to my city with a bang. In the two weekends that it rained ( why does it always rain on a weekend?) everything was thrown out of gear. I am not complaining about the rain because we needed water. But I am unhappy about the fact that despite being a tropical country where it has been raining for centuries, how come we haven’t figured out how to effectively make a drainage system?

Aren’t we the descendants of the ancient Harappans who made the ideal city at Mohen-jo-daro?

And weren’t ancient Indians master builders with their exotic cave temples made without modern machinery and tools?

So what happened to the modern Indian who can use a cell phone, do keyhole surgery and even send a rocket to Mars?

Why can’t modern Indian engineers tackle the annual onslaught of the monsoons?

Image for Mushrooms in my garden

But this post is not a rant. It is about the joys of seeing mushrooms suddenly sprouting amidst the lush green lawns of our garden.

I don’t know who was more excited seeing the mushrooms spring up in our garden: the little ones or me?

We spent the next ten minutes running around looking for more and more.

It was a welcome break from the wet evenings we’ve been having the past two weeks.

Joining up with Esha and Natasha on #WordlessWednesday.


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    1. Actually so did we ! And the little ones were dying to eat them up or look for fairies below . I had to keep them from touching them lest they were poisonous

  1. Interesting question. The answer is that we are neither in sync with our old systems nor have we shifted to complete western systems due to many reasons. This is why we are struggling with the water scarcity issue. Moreover, we have no roadmap for the future.

  2. That’s a wonderful capture, Sunita! I am sure I’d be no less excited to see these beautiful mushrooms spring up after the rains.
    I think we lack foresight when it comes to harnessing rainwater and building proper drainage systems, Sunita and this is the main problem in every city in our country! We’re looking at a severe water crisis in Bangalore this year and the next, so unless something is done right, we’re all doomed.

    P.S. I’m sorry I missed your post from last week, as it wasn’t in our linky list. Please do tag me whenever you post your link on facebook, so I can add it next time.
    Esha M Dutta recently posted…An Azure Sky | #wordlesswednesdayMy Profile

    1. Ok will do it next time. BTW our Municipality is making rain water harvesting compulsory in newer building projects. I only hope it isn’t too late by then.

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