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Barringtonia: The perfect tree #ThursdayTreeLove

Image for the BarringtoniaDo you remember drawing a tree as a child? All you did was make a green cloud and add a straight brown trunk. That was the perfect tree,

Well, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation seems to think that the Barringtonia is the perfect tree. It possibly is, for it is the only one that can withstand the strong winds that blow on Marine Drive during the monsoon.

That is why the whole of Marine Drive has a perfect row of Barringtonia planted along the sea face, adding to the beauty of this famous Mumbai seafront. Its thick canopy makes it the perfect umbrella during a freak monsoon shower and provides wonderful shade in the summer.

As you can see, there is a strong wind blowing yet this tree stands unbending.

Isn’t this the perfect tree after all?

Sharing this withParul’s #ThursdayTreeLove-69, a bi-monthly initiative where tree lovers share their images of trees.


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Author: Unishta

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  1. Another treeI’m unfamiliar with so I had to do a search. Some types have pretty flowers and one type is used by ingenuous people for stunning fish. Thank you!

    1. Yes the Barringtonia on Marine Drive have pretty flowers . I don’t think this variety stuns fish. In any case I doubt there are any fish so close to the shore

  2. Wonderful! Actually, some Barringtonias are riparian species which explains why this tree is so happy in this location.. It must be happy that you have spotted its presence as the other folks seem to busy to have noticed it!
    Archana recently posted…Surprise (ThursdayTreeLove)My Profile

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