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Lying-in with back pain on Monday Morning #MondayMusings

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The first time I ever heard the term Lying-in was when I read the name  Parsi Lying-in Hospital across the road from school. I used to wonder what the building actually was for,  because we never really saw it bustling with activity. And the only time we visited it was for our annual vaccinations and medical exam. Those days we tiptoed in and tiptoed out from the ghostly looking place because we never saw a soul lying-in.

Here I am on Monday Morning, lying-in and coping with a severe back pain.

Now those of you who are well versed with the term lying- in will know that it is just not possible for me! Because it actually refers to: the state attending and consequent to childbirth : CONFINEMENT.

So technically speaking I would be lying down or lying in bed with a bad catch in my back. This in itself is a strange occurrence because I have developed  a strict routine that prevents me from getting a backache

I got up early enough ( at 5 am to be precise) to make a cup of tea for the driver who was taking Hubby Dear out of town.

After they left, I lay about for a while before getting down to the morning chores. This, was a fatal mistake . Because once awake, you should stay awake or at least exercise your back to get it ready for the day.

So when I got up from my bath, I found myself bent over in pain as a sharp spasm just grabbed me . Somehow I managed to dress up, take a tablet and call up Anna Shetty to ask her to fetch Little Po and Ms Papaya from school.

Anna Shetty recommended I stay at home as the medication would make me drowsy and she would keep Ms Papaya for the day.

Hence I find myself lying-in (bed) on a bright Monday morning………..

Hope your Monday is more productive.


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