The Fishtail Palm #ThursdayTreeLove

Image of golden berries of fishtail palm cascading down
                                                                                                                  Golden berries cascading down

I was at my father’s this weekend when I noticed this Fishtail Palm.

Actually it was the shower of golden berries hanging outside his bedroom balcony caught my eye.  They looked quite splendid like a bunch of cascading gold beads. I thought it was some kind of betel nut but bit my father said, “It’s the most useless fruit imaginable”.

“Why did you plant such a useless tree?”

“Because it is an ornamental palm that has unique fishtail leaves.”

“What use are they to you then?”

“They are used in floral arrangements.”

Image of fishtail palm leaves


Considering that the palms are so high up that my dad would need a 20′ ladder to bring down the lowest frond, it was hardly likely that he would bring down a leaf or two to use in the weekly flower arrangement.

Besides my father isn’t in the least bit interested in flower arrangements!!!!

Image for fishtail palm

Would you plant this tree in your garden?

In fact, do you plant ornamental trees at all? Or do you just stick to those trees that are useful and fruit-bearing?

p.s. My father assured me that when the berries fall down they create quite a mess. And cleaning it up is quite a task!

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Author: Unishta

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  1. This Palm looks quite beautiful but I can understand that a huge gardening effort is required to keep the area clean.. I dont have a garden in the real sense.. just pots in my balconies… And yes, I do try to choose those with least maintenance!!
    Archana recently posted…Green (ThursdayTreeLove)My Profile

  2. In my youth,, I gladly would have planted any palm in my garden (where, except for the two years I lived in Florida, it would have died with the winter.) Now, I don’t want any muss or fuss. Those golden “beads” are sure beautiful, though.

    1. Me too. I’m thinking of giving away my ornamental potted plants as I have no time of energy to place them around the house and replace them with more useful herbs that I need to use while cooking !

  3. Oh I have seen this tree around in many of the homes of my friends and relatives too and have always wondered why have they planted such an ugly tree. It looks quite out of place and as you mentioned is of no use at all.

    But these have been planted years ago when people were garden proud and had a space large enough to call a garden. In todays concrete world, trees are disappearing and when we do plant them, we are focusing on fruit bearing trees that help sustain a huge bio diversity within its foliage.

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