This Palm tree standing tall caught my eye because it was standing tall.

Don’t palms always stand tall ?

Well according to Nergish ( May God rest her soul) peevishly pointed out to the Garden Secretary of our building society that the palms in the building were far from straight . In fact , some of them were leaning precariously close to the building .

“Why can’t they grow like the trees in Singapore? ” she boomed in her authoritarian voice .

“But auntie , they are just growing .What can I do ? ”

“You can tie them by rope and male them grow in a straight line ! And upright !”

Poor Darcy ( the garden secretary) didn’t give the slightest attention and the trees continued their leaning trajectory.

Which is why I was amazed that this tree actually grew straight and tall .

I wonder if it is a purely ornamental variety that only grows this way.

What do you think ?

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