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3 reasons to be vegetarian: #ThursdayPotLuck- 4

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Traditionally I am a vegetarian. But in reality, I am not.

However having grown up mainly vegetarian, I can go for days without any meat.  Of course, this annoys my mother the most who feels that having weaned me on Bovril, I am being disloyal to my upbringing. But honestly, sometimes it is easier to be vegetarian than not.

When it is easier to be vegetarian

♦   Around twenty years ago Hubby Dear turned vegetarian and since then we have stopped going out to dinner. This is largely because we can’t share the food anymore. With serving sizes the way they are, we often have to take home the left overs. But leftover restaurant food tastes awful the next day. So I land up being vegetarian.

So, if you want to eat out with a vegetarian spouse, it is easier to be vegetarian.

♦Hubby Dear’s Chinese colleague Zhou Gou Qing was really thrilled when I decided to accompany him on a business trip to China. Having shared many a meal with him in India, he was excited to show off the Chinese delicacies in his own home turf. He indulged my request to eat Peking Duck in Beijing but in Shanghai, I was instructed to leave the ordering to him. All was fine till the last dinner when he introduced me to his favourite delicacy. It was hard to be enthusiastic about a pigeon eye staring right into your face as you contemplated eating the rest of his body.

That’s when I decided it’s better to be vegetarian when you aren’t doing the ordering.

♦In the late 70’s, while travelling through Arunachal Pradesh, we were invited to a tribal chief’s house for a spot of rice beer. Everything was fine till after the event when my father told us that the boiled eggs accompanying the beer were being shelled with generous amounts of the host’s spit!

So when you are eating food in a culture you know nothing about it is safer to be vegetarian

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While October 1st is observed as World Vegetarian Day, in India it is observed on 25th November which is Sadhu Vaswani’s Birthday.


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