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3 Foodie-friendly places in the US #ThursdayPotLuck -3

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With my third edition of #ThursdayPotLuck, I bring you a special guest post by Luke Clifton.

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The importance of knowing foodie-friendly places

Now dining out in another country can be daunting. People who are unaware of the customs can court trouble. For instance, a friend of mine who was on a work trip in the US was denied a table at a restaurant he had frequented two consecutive days earlier. He was rather disappointed because the diner was close to his hotel, the service, and the food good. Besides, he was generous with his compliments to the chef and polite with the wait staff. So he was quite shocked when the waiter actually told him to dine at another place because he didn’t leave a decent enough tip!

It is, therefore, useful to know such things in advance before you travel. In some places tipping is not permitted while in others it is encouraged.

So this post is all about three foodie-friendly places in the  US of A, a very popular travel destination.

The three cities mentioned below are not typically on the tourist trail but definitely get a lot of visitors. So if you are travelling to these places, you can take these tips from Luke.

Over to Luke .

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One of the many great attractions of the United States of America is the sheer scale and variety on offer. Whether it is the landscapes, the weather, the people or the culture – there is something for almost anyone in this incredible country. And that applies as much to the food and cuisine on offer as anything else. Whether you want to sample the world-famous pizza bars of New York City, the hot dogs of Chicago or the incredible creole flavours you will find in New Orleans, the list of delights is endless. But where are the three most foodie-friendly places in the US? Here is a definitive list.


Bon Appetit!


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  1. Portland, Oregon


Perhaps not the obvious choice for the top position with the likes of Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco in the mix, but this hipster city in charming Oregon has made its name with some incredibly inventive and clever cuisine. The coffee culture is a particular highlight with the likes of Stumptown Coffee Roasters making a real name for itself, while there is also an impressive craft beer scene. There are some fantastic noodle places, try Andy Richter’s Pok Pok Thai for instance, while the urban wine culture has to be seen to be believed. And if you want fine dining, Portland can help on that front too. The acclaimed Le Pigeon and Coquine are extremely highly rated, while Noble Rot is also worth a look, not only because of the inventive menu but also because of the rooftop garden which boasts some stunning views across the city. Interestingly, Ben Groundwater recommends not talking politics when you are visiting restaurants in the US, as detailed in his The One Thing blog series at 1Cover.


  1. San Francisco, California


Many of you may already have left your hearts in San Francisco, and not only because the cable cars climb halfway to the stars. Because when it comes to food, San Francisco more than holds its own with the best cities in the US, with cutting-edge cuisine and plenty of historic favourites. Alice Waters, founder and owner of the incredible Chez Panisse Restaurant, constantly pushes the industry forward with her creativity, while the Tadich Grill is just a fantastic place to eat every day of the week, with fresh produce, fantastic steaks and some delightful seafood dishes to boot. San Francisco’s world-famous Chinatown is also worth considering. Martin Yan’s Chinese restaurant is one of the very best in the country – you simply won’t have a bad meal in this dynamic, fun place to eat.

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  1. Austin, Texas


One of the most laid back, relaxed and progressive cities in the US, Austin has so much to offer. Great music, historic buildings and incredible weather aside, the food scene is truly remarkable. There are lots and lots of farmers’ markets around the city with incredible, fresh produce that is used by residents and restaurateurs alike, while the food truck scene is also something special. Tacos are a particular specialty in Austin, with Capital Taco and El Primo being two of the very best.


Thank you Luke for these tips. I’m sure my readers will appreciate them!

I myself found it hard to decide where to eat when I was visiting San Fransisco. There are so many restaurants offering every kind of food. I was literally spoilt for choice.

So with that, I come to the end of another edition of #ThursdayPotLuck.

Food is one of my passions and I had started #FlavoursomeTuesdays , a blog hop that flopped.But I still miss writing about food and sharing recipes, so I thought of starting a new initiative called #ThursdayPotLuck.

             If you have a recipe or foodie anecdote to share, do ping me so that I can visit your post!


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  1. This would be helpful to people visiting these states in the US. I hear the portion sizes there are pretty huge, so it would be a foodies’ paradise even portion wise!

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