Goodbye Lord Ganesh #WordlessWednesday

Last night after dinner we heard the drums beating frenziedly downstairs. So we rushed out to the balcony and saw a sea of orange-clad devotees saying goodbye to Lord Ganesh in a raucous procession. While the festival is for ten days, many households keep him only for one and a half days.

(Since we have an eco-friendly silver idol we immerse Him in a bucket of water before putting Him away till the next year.)

Some host him for five while the community ones are generally for all the ten days. The reason for this abbreviated celebration is largely economic.  Especially in these days of instant coffee. Keeping the idol at home means staying at home, observing a period of austerity which means giving up alcohol and non-vegetarian food.

While Lord Ganesha and His devotees are happy, so are many small enterprises. Click To Tweet

It is a field day for event managers, caterers, florists, dress designers, musicians and even taxi drivers who are making hay while the sun shines.

Whether you celebrate this festival or not, I hope He removes all your obstacles, protects you and yours and brings you good luck in all your ventures. In the meanwhile, enjoy this sketch of  Ganpati made by my Little Po.

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