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Life in a Sling

So now here I was now with my wrist in a cast and my arm in a sling. And learning to live with it.

The little ones were most excited at this turn of events and told all their friends with great glee how their granny fell off the ladder. Especially Wow Dinga who remembered everything in detail.

Ms. Papaya was a bit wary of bumping into me and kept a respectful distance. but for Little Po, ‘fracture’ became the new buzz word and every day, he would come up with a new ‘fracture’ that needed to be kissed better.

Living with a sling

How I wish it was that easy to kiss away a fracture! for me, it meant a shift in both attitude and lifestyle.

Initially, it didn’t seem too much of a bother.

It took me all of half an hour to figure out my lifestyle changes.

♦Showering was easy with a hand shower, so I had to rearrange my bath schedule to use the other bathroom.

♦I also became adept at slipping on a waterproof cover for my cast, manoeuvering the shower and using a long-handled loofah. I managed toweling myself dry, powdering myself generously before slipping into my elasticated pants and a loose T-shirt.

♦Getting into my inner wear required some ingenious moves that would have left Houdini amazed. However, with a few baggy Ts, pull-on elasticated pants and two billowy caftans, it was sufficient for the 5-6 weeks that I would be inconvenienced for.

♦I managed to shower myself with a hand shower,  and some ingenious twists and turns while I dried, powdered myself and wriggled into my minimalist wardrobe.

But there was the odd day when I had to be better dressed. Especially when I did have the odd day that I had to be more presentable.

Luckily, I had some material lying around and I rounded up my local darzi to make me two sets of loose fitted kurta pajama.

♦What was really difficult for me was being unable to drive, not butter my toast, fold away the clothes and even do the sudoku!

I missed my independence and felt frustrated when I had to be served at the table. I also didn’t fancy asking for seconds so preferred eating smaller meals

Exercise, especially Yoga became no-no.

Going out became tedious too especially if it involved a change of clothes.

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The only good thing to come out of this was that I had to make sure the Didis did things under my strict vigilance as they were now truly my right hand.

Perhaps, I would realise my life-long dream of having a perfectly run house that could carry on very well without me.

But was it going to be smooth sailing?

Watch this space for more

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