Have you ever seen a Kite fight? #SkywatchFriday

Have you ever seen a kite fight?

Mumbai’s skies, earlier this week saw many kite fights.


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On the 15th we celebrated the festival of Sankranthi, a day which marks the beginning of the northward movement of the sun. This is one of the few Hindu festivals determined by the Solar calendar rather than the Lunar one.

At this time of year with the winter at its peak, people get together in open spaces or like in my city of Mumbai on top of terrace rooftops. They enjoy soaking in the mild sun, munching on sesame seed and jaggery sweets and of course flying kites

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The kites are handmade and the string used is special . This string called ‘manja‘  is rolled around a wooden reel. Don’t get fooled by its thinness. It is actually a cotton thread stiffened and fortified with a powdered glass coating. This makes the string sharp enough to cut down another kite that is flying above. It has also claimed the lives of innocent people standing by who can’t see it darting dangerously low to ground.

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  2. This bought my childhood memories alive. We used to live in Jaipur back then and Sakranti is big there. So we would be all up on the terrace and be flying kites or simply watching the spectacle in the sky. A few years back I had visited a home in North Delhi to enjoy this once again – the sky is simply full of such colorful bits of paper.

    Its a forgotten thing here in Gurgaon and I dont think I have ever seen kite flying here at all.
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    1. Seeing kites in the sky make me happy and this time I saw kites after many years…. Perhaps the tradition is being revived for all the snowbirds who return home in the winter.

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