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Step exercises take on an entirely new meaning when one uses the stairs to access the skywalk at Nana’s Chowk. This busy intersection in South Mumbai is so foolishly made that most people prefer to risk being run over to cross the road rather than take the steps which do not really take you across unless you want to go to Grant Road station.

To make them more attractive, the sides have been painted in attractive colours. And as an added incentive to use them, the Municipal Corporation has calculated the calories you burn with every step.


Laudable though this effort may be, once again the intentions of the Municipality are misplaced as the people who use the steps are generally fit in the first place. Very rarely do fat aunties use the train let alone the steps!

Sharing this with Esha and Natashaon #WordlessWednesday.

Hope your week has been good so far.


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    1. Yes it probably does but most people are in too much of a rush to even notice what’s in front of them let alone read what’s on the steps . I was waiting for the lights to change hence I noticed this .

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