Night watch from my balcony #WordlessWednesday

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I often indulge in night watching from my balcony especially after dinner.

The other night,  I was busy shutting doors and windows after a particularly satisfying dinner. I looked out of the balcony and saw a glow in the dark. Staring out, I saw this ghostly looking column leaping out of the darkness. It looked mysterious, magical and slightly spooky.

It was a bungalow that once belonged to the  Petits (whose daughter married M.A. Jinnah).

With the towering Kanchenjunga almost eclipsing this bungalow from the road, this remains one of the last traces of an era past – when Peddar Road was dotted with palatial residential bungalows.

Glad to share this rather grainy picture with Esha and Natasha, hosts of #WordlessWednesday.


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