Month: February 2020


Thank You February #Gratitude Circle

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Well, today is the last day of February. Today is special because it will be another four years before February has 29 days. But more than that, February is my favourite month because it is my birthday month so I’m always grinning from ear to ear every February. But this didn’t mean I had NO …


February Sky #SkywatchFriday

Capturing the sun before it set . The days have become longer now and sunset is much later . The skies are pink and purple before the sun finally bids good bye . Sharing my MUMBAI sunset with other skywatchers on #SkywatchFriday. Happy weekend all Ciao


Reflecting On a Weekend break #ThursdayTreeLove

Staying in an Ecoresort is a great way to live with nature


The bouquet that left me speechless #WordlessWednesday


  Flowers always make me happy. Somehow, their nodding heads bring a smile to my face. It was my birthday on the 12th and I received a bouquet of flowers from a dear friend. I was thrilled to see them.  But later in the evening, I received a basket of flowers that left me speechless. …


Missing in Action : Lethargy or the reason why I stayed away from the this blog.

I must apologise  to my regular readers for being missing in action. I don’t really have any valid excuse save that of lethargy. Strangely, as the weather oscillated between chilly and oppressively hot, so did my muse. There have been many times in these past few weeks where I’ve been tempted to write. Inspiration strikes …


Male or female ? #ThursdayTreeLove

Waiting for the Little Ones to come out of class gives me time to notice the trees in the leafy lane the school is situated in. The other day I noticed an interesting tree trunk with peeling bark. I asked one of the fathers if he knew what the name of the tree was. I …