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With cooks getting harder to find , restaurants are having a field day. There are more and more restaurants opening up each day, in every part of the world. Even obscure sleepy villages have their own brand of fine dining. But with so many of them, which one do you choose? Do you choose a good restaurant because it is expensive? And does an expensive restaurant mean good food? A good review makes it easier to choose the right restaurant to avoid a disappointing experience.

Kimchi & Udupi? #FlavoursomeTuesday 8

Kimchi & Udupi? #FlavoursomeTuesday

Well, it’s that time of the month ( the first Tuesday) when Shilpa of Metanoia and I host a linky party. Ever since I shifted my blog host to SiteGround, I have been having serious problems with my blog. Some posts...

#Ladies who lunch at Princeton 10

#Ladies who lunch at Princeton

With Autumn just a few days away, warm, sunny days are going to  get rarer so I asked C to take us down to Princeton for a long, lazy lunch. Ever since I saw the movie “A Beautiful Mind” based on...

A new taste every week 10

A new taste every week

I was walking down to Babulnath the other day when I noticed an archway between two buildings announcing ‘Pop-up Hut’. Being naturally curious, I stepped inside and found myself walking down a narrow tarpaulin covered alley way ending up at...

In search of the perfect Mawa Cake 2

In search of the perfect Mawa Cake

It’s all about the #Mawa Cake Only a Mumbaikar will understand all the the brouhaha about the Mawa cake. A few years ago B. Merwan, an Irani bakery situated bang opposite Grant Road East Station, announced that they were closing...

Lunch at Indigo Deli @ Phoenix Mills 0

Lunch at Indigo Deli @ Phoenix Mills

We were originally slated to go for lunch to Cafe Zoe this afternoon.  But early in the morning I learned that it was closed for renovation.  Hence we changed our  venue to Indigo Deli at Phoenix Mills. I was first...

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