Awareness makes parenting easier #GuestPost 4

Welcome September and hello to all my readers. Today, Motherhood has brought me to a place far away from my desk top and definitely far away from my  comfort zone. This only proves that parenting is a lifelong commitment.  Child rearing  involves nurturing that goes beyond the mere physical. Very often it requires a lot […]

Football and snail poop

Did you know that snail poop is bigger than the snail? I didn’t either till yesterday when Wow Dinga discovered a snail family under a flower pot. The children were playing football in the garden,  enjoying a clear sunny day after two months of almost incessant rain. The ball went into the flower beds and […]

Smart kids diagnose Smartphones- Day 4 WTFOW#5

Smartphones and smart kids   Coming from and analogous  age when phones were rotary, music was recorded on vinyl discs and plastic tapes , and parcels were delivered by postmen, digital had another meaning.  I’d only heard about them in mathematics and biology . So when the world became digital, I was lost. When did […]