Spring has Sprung

I celebrated the coming of spring with Chinese dragons and lions. Continue reading Spring has Sprung

On the Blogging Curve – Learning from mistakes

Learning from mistakes. As all my readers know, I’ve been blogging for a while – a long, long while. Ten years or maybe even more. Like many bloggers, I’m a self-taught blogger and made many mistakes. As a matter of fact, I still make mistakes. And with every learning, I’ve written about it in the … Continue reading On the Blogging Curve – Learning from mistakes

What to do when you are battling the flu #MondayMusings

Battling the ‘flu January has been a cold month even for us lucky folks in Mumbai. The cold weather which alternates with hot, however, is great for ‘flu germs that are just waiting to attack. The first week it was sniffles for me. Then it was a stomach ‘flu for Wow Dinga and Little Po. … Continue reading What to do when you are battling the flu #MondayMusings

World Read Aloud Day

Everyone should read aloud every day. Continue reading World Read Aloud Day

Unpacking January #GratitudeCircle

January dawned fresh as a gift this year – a present waiting to be unwrapped. I love receiving presents. Especially when they come nicely packed in silver boxes with a big bow! What is behind the big bow? Luckily, January didn’t disappoint. It had some pleasant surprises in store for me. Food and friends in January … Continue reading Unpacking January #GratitudeCircle