Very simply put, LIFESTYLE is a way of living . It  is determined by your geographical location. It is also defined by your ethnic background. It is shaped by your cultural leanings and your educational qualifications . Mine is determined by the city of Mumbai, which has been home to me for over 4 decades now. It is shaped by my family and is influenced by my education and cultural background. So what’s so different about the way I live? The lifestyle of every home maker is different with each day bringing  unique challenges . Sometimes my life runs smoothly, while at times it is a circus.  Thankfully ,I have a laid-back attitude to life and can see the humour in most things.


Unity in Adversity

If you put on the TV , you only hear updates on the Coronavirus. WhatsApp messages are about Coronavirus. And everyone is exhorting everyone to stay at home . Stay at home and flatten the curve . Slow down the March of the Virus. And in this endeavour we Indians are proving not only are …


Every cloud DOES have a silver lining

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Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.                                                                              ~Voltaire So now …

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Hoarding means different things to different people

Different folks, different strokes In the eternal debate of Nature vs Nurture, there is no clear winner. It is apparent that both are equally responsible for making you who you are. My mother came from a generation where natural calamities especially failed monsoons were a regular occurrence. They were used to shortages. Some products were …

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What are you cooking today?

With everyone housebound, eating has assumed prime importance in my home . After all there is only so much tv you can watch and only so many books you can read . Talking to friends is another option but with everyone having only ONE thing on their minds, there is nothing much to talk about …

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What is the most used word in the English language these days?

The most widely used word Viral was a boy in my brother’s class in school.I’m not joking. There was a boy who was called Viral and he has grown up to be a man called Viral. Little did I know that forty years on viral would be the most used word after THE which is …


Discovering mindfulness

The world discovered mindfulness in the 70’s. Those were the Flower Power years when hundreds of young people were finding themselves. Many took to drugs, many took to travel. But their goal was essentially the same: to find out their purpose in life.  Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese Buddhist monk introduced mindfulness to the West. …