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Easy as pie : Banoffee Pie #ThursdayPotLuck-1

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Last weekend, I invited S and his fiancée to a home-cooked meal. As S was prescribed Khichadi, I had to make that but also made a Banoffee Pie. This was R’s special request. Now, most Mumbaikars prefer eating out especially since there is a fancy new eatery opening up almost every day in every part …


What’s the big deal about Shravan?

Image via WikipediaThe Holy month of Shravan Shravan or Sawan is the 5th month of the Hindu calendar. This may sound strange to those who are familiar with just the one calendar- the Gregorian beginning with January and ending with December. But there are other calendars as well : the Hindu one, the Muslim one, …


The week that was #SkywatchFriday

It’s been a long while since I posted three posts in a week . Part of the reason was sheer laziness and lack of inspiration. Part of it was my bouts of different viruses ( or is it virusi ? ) that attacked me at various times these last three months with surprising regularity . …


Earth Day?

Where did Earth Day go this year? Earth day this year, for me, was over shadowed by the Easter Massacres in Sri Lanka and the National Elections in India. However, I’ll never forget that first disastrous Earth Day celebration over 20 years ago when I took my little girls walking up to Hanging Gardens to learn …


Golden morning #SkywatchFriday

With all the towers crowding my sky, it is getting increasingly harder to capture the sun from my balcony. I should be grateful though, that I can still get some sky ! Here’s my golden morning picture. It’s already 7 and the morning haze has almost lifted leaving the city bathed in golden light . …


Thank you December 2018 #GratitudeCircle #FridayReflections

52 Thursdays and 11 Gratitude Posts. For someone who wasn’t one for gratitude posts, this is quite a lot ! I have too much to be grateful for and I mistakenly felt that public acknowledgement of my gratitude would attract the evil eye. But I find that regularly thanking the Universe for the abundance in my …