The true secret of life lies in taking a genuine interest in all the detail of daily life
   William Morris


Old Dog New Tricks : Day 5 #WTFOW#5

Can an old dog learn new tricks?   You can’t teach an old dog new tricks goes the adage. This old  dog ( and female at that!) has managed to learn quite a few and turned it on its head . When I was growing up computers were mainframe . When I grew up they …

MILLENIALS & BABIES, Two and counting

Smart kids diagnose Smartphones- Day 4 WTFOW#5

Smartphones and smart kids   Coming from and analogous  age when phones were rotary, music was recorded on vinyl discs and plastic tapes , and parcels were delivered by postmen, digital had another meaning.  I’d only heard about them in mathematics and biology . So when the world became digital, I was lost. When did …


A Weird Story of Blog traffic & Real Traffic – Day – 3 WTFOW #5

A strange comment on blog traffic.   Strange things happen in the Universe like this when people confuse  Blog Traffic with Real Traffic. Late last week I found a comment posted on  a blog post written in March of this year. After getting over the shock of having an old post recognised, I read the …


Making Rainbows Day2 FTOW #5

A rainbow in my bedroom It was a very wet weekend and the babies were sniffling away. The mood inside was as  grey as it was outside. Suddenly Wow Dinga shouted out ” Look Abu I’ve made a rainbow! ” His enthusiasm was contagious and we ran inside, partly out of curiosity and also apprehension. …

MILLENIALS & BABIES, New born to 1 year

How to have the Perfect First birthday celebration – Day 1 FTOW#5-WriteTribe

The big ONE   It’s funny how one year seems to go by so quickly and all those late night feeds, evening colic, teething troubles, immunisation schedules and all the hits and misses of the first year soon become a thing of the past. For many parents, the first year is a trying one, particularly …


Back on Track – A long distance journey becomes a local train ride

  There are two ways to tell a story : the long, dramatic, raise your eyebrows , change the tone of your voice way.  Or tell it like a short, terse  Public Address announcement. Today I’ll tell you the same story in both the ways. It all began with my return trip from Pune where …