The true secret of life lies in taking a genuine interest in all the detail of daily life
   William Morris


Wedding in Kerala

The wedding season seems still to be on and I have just returned from a traditional Nair wedding in Trivandrum. Like all traditional weddings it was fantastic and make for interesting viewing in a world where rituals and traditions have lost their meaning and where marriage itself has lost its sanctity. Held at the prestigious …

Mumbai Diary

A traditional tea party for Sankranti

Last Sunday was Makar Sankrant which every Indian will tell you marks the beginning of the sun’s journey to the Northern hemisphere. This is celebrated with kites and the blue skies are suddenly populated with hundreds and thousands of brightly hued kites. Since last year, however, I find that there are no kites flying outside …


Wedding Bells

2011 was the year when all I thought was wedding, wedding and wedding. It was a year filled with activity –  brainstorming, planning and finally executing. I found florists and decorators, caterers and make-up artistes, sampled mithais and pedhas and tramped the labyrinthine streets of Mumbai looking for decorations, card printers, band wallahs and mehndi artistes. Well, …


Bring on the Band Baja –

Image via Wikipedia Last week I had to hunt around for musicians to play at Anna Shetty’s wedding. Most Indian weddings have a live band escorting the groom’s party to the wedding venue and several early mornings have been   disturbed by loud film music played very enthusiastically by outfits derogatorily referred to as the …


Mumbai in December

Several years ago when I was visiting Poland in June, the chambermaid cleaning our room was amazed to see me wearing a wind cheater while she wore a sleeveless top and shorts. She looked aghast and asked where I came from as this was a really warm day in Warsaw. I told her that where …



This week was very busy so I am pulling up a picture from last year where the orange pink sunrise is any day more cheery than the haze outside my balconey. 1-1-11,11-1-111-11-1111-11-11 These four “mystical ” dates have driven several people to a frenzy with the significance of these numbers. At the beginning of the …