The true secret of life lies in taking a genuine interest in all the detail of daily life
   William Morris


Seven Steps to a life time of friendship and fulfillment

Welcome back! At long last December is beginning to feel like December and the Tibetan Sweater Sellers are on our streets again. The slight chill in the air makes dressing up for weddings all the more enjoyable and I can wear my thick Kanjeevaram silks or brocade sarees without having to worry about sweating profusely …


Reflected in Granite

Welcome back! Just after the rains the air is so clear that it looks as though all the dust particles have been washed away. Taking advantage of these clear skies, I took an amazing photograph this week : Clouds reflected in the granite   Of course like most things in life, this picture happened by pure …



These three words seem to be as powerful as those other three famous words “I Love You,”  because they brought about a radical change in the collective psyche of the  United States of America and actually elected  Barack Obama as its President. These words seem to work their magic in my city too! Ever since …


Sunny Skies from Holland

Every Friday thankfully is like no other Friday. Three Fridays ago I was so ill that I could hardly get out of bed. I was down with a bug that no one could identify and had no option but to wait for the virus to live out its life. Luckily, things got better ( not …


Carrying Modaks for Anna Shetty

This year our Ganpati week began with the tragic and earth shattering news of the sudden and totally unexpected passing away of one of the young men in our family. So we completely forgot the request Anna Shetty had put in for her request of additional “modaks” for her to take back to the hospital. …

Mumbai Diary

Catch a rat with a sticky mat.

Poor Kay : she has a mouse inside her house. Before I could make a witty remark that if she had a  computer in every room, she should expect a mouse inside her house, she explained  that it was a genuine rodent who actually came out of his hole and watched her as she ate …