Love me, Love my Car #WordlessWednesday

Valentine’s Day seems a much over-hyped festival that many Indians have taken to with great aplomb. Tempting offers by restaurants and shops encourage people to spend their money and their time for the ones they love. But love means different things to different people. Little Ms. Papaya seemed to have got it right when she …


A different kind of Winter #SuperBloggerChallenge#instacuppa

This year Mumbai has experienced a different kind of Winter


Why I signed up for the Super Blogger Challenge #SuperBloggerChallenge #instacuppa

Image for why I like to accept challenges

The Challenge of a challenge? I am one of those suckers for challenges. Especially, blogging challenges.  I love participating even if I know I’m stretching myself. Besides, the name SuperBloggerChallenge is very intriguing. Will this really take my blog to another level?  Apart from this passion to jump into challenges, there are three reasons why …

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What to do when you are battling the flu #MondayMusings

Battling the ‘flu January has been a cold month even for us lucky folks in Mumbai. The cold weather which alternates with hot, however, is great for ‘flu germs that are just waiting to attack. The first week it was sniffles for me. Then it was a stomach ‘flu for Wow Dinga and Little Po. …


World Read Aloud Day

Everyone should read aloud every day.