Finally they’re out!

After 8 weeks of carpentry work and paint work, I’ve finally reclaimed my house. Of course there is still a strong smell of paint and a faint whitish dusty layer on the floor, but I can’t deny that the house is looking clean. Of course there are still three more rooms to be done but …


Hopefully the last day

For almost a week I have been computerless. I never realised how addictive it can be and how much I’d miss it. Well, today the last bit of painting is left and Sunday will be spent in tidying up and putting things back to normal.


Enchanting evening of Western Music

Yesterday was one of those crazy days with diametrically different aspects:both spatially and emotionally Almost at the crack of dawn, I began with my trek to Khargar to meet someone at the St. Jude’s facility which will be opened next Saturday. It ended with a wonderful evening of western classical music at the Tata Experimental …


Same sky yet different.

The same sky at different days of the week. Most of Mumbai hates these twin towers but I think they look really great reaching out to the sky. I would hate to live in one of them though……..imagine if the electricity went off and you had to climb up or climb down? I’ve done both …


Happy New Year

For those of you who might find it strange to be wished a  happy new year in the middle of March, no, I have not gone nuts………today is the day when Lord Brahma created the world after the great flood. So we Hindus celebrate this as our New Year………. It is also the start of …