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Letter to my college going self

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Last month some of my classmates from college organised a reunion of all alumni. I would have gone but for the fact that no one from my gang was going to be there. I believe it was a great success . At any rate, it made me nostalgic and I thought I’d write a letter …


Game of life #MondayMusings

A college reunion made me re-evaluate my own misconceptions about myself.


When recent celebrity suicides trigger deep seated dark memories

His short white, curls, trademark dark jacket , long, slow, strides and a devil may care attitude , his deep voice and cocky stance made his food shows a spectacle to look forward to . Week after week I would follow him to different parts of the earth as he shared his discoveries in the …


From A to Z : Blogs I like to read

Before you read one more word, be  warned that this is going to be one long post. So if you have the patience, settle down with a cup of tea and be prepared to click open several blogs that you may just want to visit…. In the beginning I have been blogging for many years …


Why we need faith, friends and fear

F is for FAITH Santa Claus in  the summer? You may wonder if you are seeing right, particularly since the Easter Bunny has just hopped away.  Perhaps it is the wrong time to recount a Christmas story but whenever I feel the slightest bit disheartened, I think of my daughter and her unflinching faith in …


The Stranger

Every friend starts out as  a stranger. At least in the beginning. It all starts with a fleeting look into someone’s eyes. Tentative, inquiring, wondering. Then comes a blink , two blinks maybe , and then a spark of recognition. A sense of meeting a kindred spirit. That’s how most friendships start. And sometimes friendships …