Mumbai On A High

The Public Views of a Private Life

Game of life #MondayMusings

A college reunion made me re-evaluate my own misconceptions about myself.

Lazy moms make the best kids

Are you guilty of being a lazy mom?     The other day I was talking to my CAREER WOMAN cousin who has recently retired from her job.  But of course, being a career woman, she can’t really retire and is thinking of starting another career, this time as an entrepreneur. As a SAHM whose […]

My Life As A Pie #WYHO

Two days ago I read a very interesting post on Corinne’s Blog which inspired me to write this post. For those of you who are following her blogs regularly, this was the second in her series  where she inspires you to find your ‘write’ voice. So I decided to follow  one of the exercises she had suggested […]

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