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#A to Z Challenge Reflections Post

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  This year was the third year in succession that I participated in this challenge. Once again I was a reluctant participant, mainly because despite my previous attempts  I didn’t find any appreciable change in either my traffic or number of followers. However, being perennially optimistic, I decided to give it one more try. Reflections …


Weaving yarns #A to Z Challenge

Weaving Yarns. Over the past three weeks, I’ve learnt a lot about the different kinds of weaves from India. It has been an interesting journey for me and I hope it has been equally interesting for you. Each and every part of India has a different weaving tradition. In Bengal we have fine cottons like …



Thank God April is over and the  #a to z challenge with it . It was rather  trying to juggle posts with my daily life that seemed to be spinning out of control by the day . But  I stuck on and I am glad I did because it helped me on my blogging journey. …

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Why being goggle eyed makes your life better- #atozchallenge

Being Goggle Eyed According to the dictionary, Goggle Eyed can be used in two ways : adj. 1. having bulging, wide-open, or rolling eyes, esp. in astonishment or wonderment. adv. 2. with bulging, wide-open eyes. But for me, it can only be used in one way – to shield my eyes from the blazing sunlight.Living …


Getting ready for the A to Z Challenge#MondayMusings

Ok, so this year I hope to get it right. Last year was the first year I participated in this blogging challenge and thought that it would be easy, especially since I do normally blog every day. But having no idea of how it really works, and not being a “specialist” in any particular field, …

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Thank You A to Z

Well as they say, all good things come to an end. April was a month of madness for me, a month where I am totally blogged out. It has been challenging in more ways than one – firstly because I undertook two challenges at once albeit unknowingly. But what I learnt about this was that …