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Messages I received for #InternationalWomen’sDay

As everyone knows today is International Women’s Day. And everyone says that every day is women’s day. There shouldn’t be a special day only for women . Yet, we send each other messages and wish one another saying “ I don’t really believe in Women’s Day but Happy Women’s Day to you anyway”. We send …


Thank You February #Gratitude Circle

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Well, today is the last day of February. Today is special because it will be another four years before February has 29 days. But more than that, February is my favourite month because it is my birthday month so I’m always grinning from ear to ear every February. But this didn’t mean I had NO …


Missing in Action : Lethargy or the reason why I stayed away from the this blog.

I must apologise  to my regular readers for being missing in action. I don’t really have any valid excuse save that of lethargy. Strangely, as the weather oscillated between chilly and oppressively hot, so did my muse. There have been many times in these past few weeks where I’ve been tempted to write. Inspiration strikes …

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And it’s February #GratitudePost- January

Gratitude for January Before I could even get used to saying 2020, January is already over. And it’s February – my birthday month, one I always look forward to. Now you may ask, what’s the big deal about a birthday? Well for one, I actually enjoy the feeling of being special. My mum always made …

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Life in a Sling

So now here I was now with my wrist in a cast and my arm in a sling. And learning to live with it. The little ones were most excited at this turn of events and told all their friends with great glee how their granny fell off the ladder. Especially Wow Dinga who remembered …


Come September #GratitudeCircle

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‘Come September ‘was popular tune played at Parsi Navjotes and weddings in the 60’s. It was also a favourite with Nankhatai bands that played it with gusto while the Bandmaster waved his baton and directed the musicians.  And whenever September comes around, I remember this song. I can hardly believe that the first week of …