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Another grey Monday #MondayMusings 2

Another grey Monday #MondayMusings

Today is another grey day. While I enjoy the overcast sky in the middle of the day, the ambivalent sunshine leaves me stressed – Should I or should I not carry an umbrella? Should...

Cold Moon Shining 6

Cold Moon Shining

As night falls and the sky darkens a cold moon climbs upwards bathing the world witb a chilly incandescent Silver light.   I lie upon my empty bed with memories of what we shared...

Here and Now #Guest Post 12

Here and Now #Guest Post

Time flies and as I turn the calendar to June, I realise that half the year will soon come to an end! Today is the middle of the week and the middle of the...


Out of context

Things are not always what they seem . This morning, for instance, I was visiting different blogs on Skywatch Friday when I came upon this photo by Debbie Smyth on travelwithintent.   Seeing the...


Toe rings and nose rings for a better sex life

Indians do not canoodle in public. Indians do not hold hands in public. Indians do not gaze at each other in public. The only thing Indians do uninhibitedly and unabashedly in public is defecating...

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