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Love behind umbrellas – Suns and Lovers #Bar-A-Thon 7

Love behind umbrellas – Suns and Lovers #Bar-A-Thon

Sons & Lovers I wonder why D.H.Lawrence’s novel “Sons & Lovers” was considered highly subversive?  Was it because sex was taboo in the times it was written? Or rather, was it because  discussing sex...

A drink for Bala #Bar-a-thon 8

A drink for Bala #Bar-a-thon

  “Drink for you Bala?” asked Vinod. “Sure, I’ll have a Glenmorangie on the rocks.” “On the rocks?” said Vinod with a quizzically raised eyebrow. “Are you sure?” “Absolutely! And please make that a...

Breakfast at Seven #Bar-a-thon 17

Breakfast at Seven #Bar-a-thon

At precisely 7.30, Samantha got out of her car and  walked into the club, eager to jump on the treadmill . She looked around the verandah, happy to be the only person up so...

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