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Tech Tips for Writers #129: Top Ten PC Shortkeys

If you are a technophobe like me, you will find this article extremely helpful. Do check it out and make your life much easier     via Tech Tips for Writers #129: Top Ten PC Shortkeys


A Weird Story of Blog traffic & Real Traffic – Day – 3 WTFOW #5

A strange comment on blog traffic.   Strange things happen in the Universe like this when people confuse  Blog Traffic with Real Traffic. Late last week I found a comment posted on  a blog post written in March of this year. After getting over the shock of having an old post recognised, I read the …


Looking Upwards#Monday Musings

So today is the 1st of February and I’m one step closer to my goal of making this blog sustainable. After blogging for yonks , I found that I was getting nowhere and was terribly disheartened and had thought of giving it all up. Newbies who were just one year old bloggers had followers in …


What makes WordPress a better blogging platform?

  Well, finally after months of soul searching I’ve come to the conclusion that WordPress is a better blogging platform.  There are several blogging platforms out there in the blogosphere , the commonest being WordPress and Blogger. From my limited exposure to the internet I chanced upon Blogger after my original blogging platform MSN closed …