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A tale of a pickle #FlavoursomeTuesdays

Summer time is mango time in my part of the world. Famous for its sweet, smooth fleshed Alphonso mango, the western coast of India is also famous for the Rajapuri Mango that is specially prized to make a fiery red hot pickle. My family,like most families in this part of the world, wait patiently for …


Bhaji Gully

Yesterday I was walking through Bhaji Gully when it suddenly struck me how wonderful it was to walk through a space that was so alive. Every day there is something new that is happening on this narrow street , one of the many side lanes which connect Nana’s Chowk to Grant Road Station. When this …


Monkey in the market – A tale from Bhaji Gulley

                                         Bhaji Gully, a narrow street leading out of Grant Road station has long lost its real name amid the numerous vegetable sellers that have squatted outside the shops lining the street. With tomatoes and onions …