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From A to Z : Blogs I like to read

Before you read one more word, be  warned that this is going to be one long post. So if you have the patience, settle down with a cup of tea and be prepared to click open several blogs that you may just want to visit…. In the beginning I have been blogging for many years …


Grannies don’t blog

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Who am I kidding? Yesterday I made a date to meet a fellow blogger and made the trudge through rain and traffic only to find she wasn’t there. I don’t blame her for she too made the trudge ( all the way from Delhi, I might add) but our timings didn’t match. So while both …


Will linking up strengthen your presence in the blogosphere?

Blogging, blogging every day and still a mark to make? If you are an accidental blogger like me, one who has been plodding despite a meagre following of  35  and a paltry figure of 100 hits per month, you must extremely optimistic ( like me) or foolish ( again like me) to think that one …


So do you still want to blog?

Choosing the right platform, the right topic and the right adviser is very important to get your blog right!


Catching up with New Year Resolutions

One of my New Year Resolutions was not to whine. Yes, it is true that when you whine , you whine alone and no one wants to listen to a whine – least of all  you yourself when you realise that no one is listening to you! Convoluted as this logic is, I realise that …


My Blogging Journey

In the beginning there was nothing Like everyone who begins blogging, my screen was a blank slate. And like most people who begin blogging, I did it for a lark. It was something new, something fun and something that offered scope for discovering and developing a new skill. After all, when I first got my …