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Why Melaka is fascinating

  And now my post is on the IndiBlogger Home page ! In 2014 I won a contest organised by Blogadda and Tourism Malaysia. It was an all expenses paid trip to Malaysia. I am reproducing once more, my blog post on Melaka, one of the most fascinating cities I’ve visited. I have always been  …


When a woman’s job becomes a man’s job#ShareTheLoad

Ok. If this infographic is to be believed, 2 out of three children believe that doing laundry is a woman’s job and that household jobs are meant to be done only by women, 78 % of girls believe that they will have to do the laundry, 81 % of the men feel that girls should …


Things aren’t always what you think they are #LoveAndLaughter

It was getting on to 7.30 and I was just winding up . For the past three hours or so, there were 20 three year olds running around the house as their mummies and nannies chased after them and I was exhausted! As I picked up the last streamer, the lock on the front door …


The Doctor

what is it that drives women who have it all to choose a hard path to follow their dream?


Vive le difference

there is a basic difference between men and women and we may as well accept it!


Doing jobs only the way a woman can

Re-capturing the freshness and the warmth 76% of Indian men feel laundry is a woman’s job Monday mornings are blue for a vast majority of people. After Sunday which is normally relaxing and easy, Monday signals another great week of hectic activity. And what I like most about Monday, is that it is my wash …