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Why Melaka is fascinating

  And now my post is on the IndiBlogger Home page ! In 2014 I won a contest organised by Blogadda and Tourism Malaysia. It was an all expenses paid trip to Malaysia. I...


When a woman’s job becomes a man’s job#ShareTheLoad

Ok. If this infographic is to be believed, 2 out of three children believe that doing laundry is a woman’s job and that household jobs are meant to be done only by women, 78...

Things aren’t always what you think they are #LoveAndLaughter 4

Things aren’t always what you think they are #LoveAndLaughter

It was getting on to 7.30 and I was just winding up . For the past three hours or so, there were 20 three year olds running around the house as their mummies and...

The Doctor 0

The Doctor

what is it that drives women who have it all to choose a hard path to follow their dream?

Vive le difference 0

Vive le difference

there is a basic difference between men and women and we may as well accept it!


Doing jobs only the way a woman can

Re-capturing the freshness and the warmth 76% of Indian men feel laundry is a woman’s job Monday mornings are blue for a vast majority of people. After Sunday which is normally relaxing and easy,...

When Santa Had a Close Shave 0

When Santa Had a Close Shave

Reunions and Nostalgia On the 19th of December our class got together for our 40th reunion. Of course this didn’t mean that it was the 40th meeting since we graduated from high school but...


Skies from Putrajaya

Putrajaya ,  the administrative capital of Kuala Lumpur  25 Km south of Kuala Lumpur is  made out of a former Palm Oil plantation. A complete city with its own man made lake, schools, hotels, commercial...


Not just an ordinary tin pot

During my recent trip to Malaysia we visited the Royal Selangor Pewter factory. It was not always Royal Selangor but started out as an ordinary cottage industry and has now grown into the largest...


Thrills and chills with a Bond called James in Kuala Lumpur

The name’s Bond, James Bond This is the classic introduction of James Bond, Royal Navy Commander, a fictional secret service agent  created by Ian Fleming in the early 50’s. Many of us have grown...

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